After multiple years of wearing the social media famous Vivaia shoes, I’m finally sharing my experience in this article. As a busy working mom to two little boys, I am super particular about my footwear. The shoes I reach for the most day to day are comfortable, practical and versatile. In this Vivaia shoes review, I’m sharing what you need to know about these shoes. If you are considering adding these to your wardrobe, I hope this post is helpful!

Vivaia reached out to me a few years back and offered to send a pair of shoes for me to try out so I said why not! They looked comfortable and I was impressed with some of the brief reviews I saw. Spoiler alert, after wearing the Aria 5° flat for a few days I fell in love. Before long I was seeing the brand all over social media.

So are they worth the price? How comfortable are they, really? Do they hold up well? I’m here to answer all of your questions on the viral Vivaia footwear based on my experience.

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vivaia shoes review

Vivaia Shoes Overview

Vivaia (pronounced vi-vai-yah) is an eco-friendly company that began in 2020. The company sustainability effort is primarily focused on the material used to make the shoes. Recycled plastic water bottles are repurposed into threads used to create the upper shoe material. In addition, they strive to be a 100% carbon-neutral company in the future.

While shoes are the primary product sold by Vivaia, they also have a small selection of clothing and accessories. The footwear is their bread and butter though!

Flats are one of their best selling styles. I would consider the shoes to be high quality and moderately priced. What sets them apart from typical shoes is that most feature a woven knit upper portion. 

Vivaia shoes are soft and hug your foot similar to a sock. The bottom portion is typically a rubber like material and provides moderate support. Most shoes can be washed in the washing machine and are super flexible. You may compare these to Rothy’s.

What I love are the different toe shapes available for their various styles. For example, ballet flats are available in pointed-toe, round-toe, and square-toe. 

My Vivaia shoes and my vivaia shoes review

The Vivaia Shoes I Wear

For this review, I will be sharing my experience with the Aria 5° ballet flat. This is a very popular and versatile shoe that will fit into nearly any wardrobe style.

As of writing this post, this shoe was available in 34 different color options! from neutral to bold, there is literally a color for every style type!

Vivaia Shoes Review: The Pointed-Toe Ballet Flats (Aria 5°)

Before these shoes, I was skeptical of the brand. Now I can confidently say these flats are great! So comfortable and stylish. Fit TTS on my standard width foot. These are lightweight, have cushion, and easy to care for.

I find the toe area to be generously sized and expandable, which is hard to come by in pointed-toe footwear. My toes never feel cramped in these.

There was no breaking in required on these shoes. From day 1 they felt great and I experience no discomfort when wearing these. 

My feet do have one small bunion as a result of wearing heels on hard surfaces for years, therefore I have to be careful with pointed toe shoes. I never feel as though these are too tight or cause my bunion pain to flare up. 

Another thing to note is that these are obviously not water proof, which I knew before getting. However, that is the only thing that keeps me from wearing these flats more often because where I live we often have wet/snowy/damp conditions.


  • Fabric expands to fit all areas of the foot
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Soft material
  • Easy to wash
  • Top Quality
  • Versatile
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • None


Vivaia Shoes Sizing

Vivaia shoes are sized in accordance with the European sizing standards. Each product page has a direct link to Vivaia’s sizing guide.

They also recommend sizing according to various foot conditions. See the graphic below from the Vivaia site.

Vivaia Shoes Price Points

As of writing this post, shoe prices range from $49-$199. This includes sale prices and full priced items. 

The current retail price of  the Aria 5° flat, from my review above, is $97.

Vivaia Return Process

As of writing this post, Vivaia site says it extended the “free return and exchange policy to 30 days from the date you receive items purchased online. Please note that final sale items and gifts are excluded from this policy. To be eligible for returns or exchanges, items must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and include all original tags and packaging.”

Check out the current return and exchange policy.

Where to Buy Vivaia Shoes

Currently, they are sold exclusively on Amazon and

I have noticed their website has a slightly better product selection and sales compared to Amazon.

Vivaia Shoes Country of Origin

The Vivaia company is headquartered in China. Production is based there as well.


My Final Thoughts

Are Vivaia shoes worth it? Yes, as you can tell from my review above, these shoes are great and I really don’t have any complaints. I plan on purchasing other styles to compare quality, fit, etc.

The Vivaia shoes literally feel like walking on clouds. Some reviews mention that it doesn’t feel like they’re wearing anything when they have these shoes on. 

My only hesitation is the waterproof factor, however that is simply due to the weather conditions where I live. I would love it if these shoes were four season appropriate. It’s no secret these shoes are not waterproof, therefore I plan outfits accordingly to incorporate these shoes whenever I can.

Two other factors I absolutely love are the durability and how easy they are to clean. This is a must for me as a mom of two young boys!

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Vivaia shoes review



Are Vivaia shoes comfortable?

Vivaia shoes are very comfortable and feel like walking on a cloud, in my opinion. 

Are Vivaia shoes for bunions?

Yes! I have a small bunion and find the pointed-toe flat very comfortable. The fabric molds around the shape of your foot and is very flexible, which is a must for bunions! Vivaia also recommends sizing up one for bunions, which I assume is for larger bunions.

Are Vivaia shoes easy to clean?

These shoes are easy to clean. It is important to note, not all of their shoes are machine washable, so be mindful of that when shopping.

Vivaia also sells cleaning kits.

What is the quality like?

Vivaia shoe quality is amazing. Although the material is mostly knit, it holds up so well. I have had my black flats for multiple years and they still look great. 

The knit fabric is flexible yet durable and does not irritate my skin.

Is Vivaia a sustainable company?

Vivaia has sustainability initiative by being eco-conscious, utilizing recycled materials, and by working toward becoming 100% carbon-neutral.

Are Vivaia shoes legit?

Absolutely, yes! I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. I look forward to trying another style soon!

How much is shipping?

As of this Vivaia shoes review, shipping is free on orders over $99.


This was my honest Vivaia shoes review. Have you tried these shoes? What do you think?!


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