Peso Pluma appeared on The Tonight Show to perform his recent single, “La Durango,” with the help of Eslabon Armado’s Pedro Tovar. Appearing with a live band, the duo gave an electric rendition of the horns-laced tune, made with Junior H.

“La Durango” comes off Pluma’s forthcoming fourth LP, Éxodo, out June 20. Pluma previously teamed up with Eslabon Armado on “Ella Baila Sola” last year.

Pluma sat down with host Jimmy Fallon to discuss the single, as well as meeting Jay-Z at the Grammys. Later during the interview, the musician admitted that his signature haircut was “actually a mistake,” explaining a hairdresser in Colombia cut his hair badly. “When I looked in the mirror I realized it wasn’t that bad, so I kept it and all these little kids went crazy,” Pluma said.

In April, Pluma appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, recounting what it was like to win his first Grammy for his album Génesis. He also spoke about what fans can expect from Éxodo.


“[On Génesis] people already saw the good side, the superhero side,” he said. “But I think this year, they’re going to know a darker side. There’s going to be a lot of things about why we do what we do, and why we sing what we do, why people pit us against each other, why media always look for bad things, why people focus more on the negatives than the positives.”

The musician added of his success over the past year, “I’m grateful to my people and to fans who supported me because they’re the ones that have put us on the charts and everything else. But I don’t see this as a competition or about position or about places we’ve reached. I think it’s not just Peso Pluma that reached Number One — it’s Mexican music that made this happen.”

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