• Wives in plural marriages often get jealous. There’s only one man and more than one woman – it’s not the healthiest relationship dynamic.
  • Paige struggled with jealousy and the loss of her husband, Bernie McGee. She’s a controversial reality star who suffered a great loss.
  • Paige has opened up on social media about her feelings about her husband’s death.

Paige and Bernie McGee joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife season 2, and it’s time to talk about what happened to the McGee family after the show. The Mississippi-based couple, who share five children, were looking for a sister wife as they wanted to grow their family. However, due to Paige’s jealousy issues and Bernie’s wandering eye, the McGees quickly became one of the most controversial and disliked Seeking Sister Wife couples. Today, Garrick Merrifield’s the most notorious SSW cast member.

Seeking Sister Wife season 2 followed the McGees as they tried to bring potential sister wife Brandy into their family. Brandy had an instant connection with Paige and Bernie – she got along really well with them online. However, once Brandy arrived at the couple’s home, viewers began to see the cracks in Paige and Bernie’s relationship. Paige’s jealousy peaked during Brandy and Bernie’s very first private date, as seen in the clip above.

Women should think twice before entering into plural marriages. These situations can be powder kegs, as there’s so much jealousy among the sister wives. Men may play favorites and hurt less-favored spouses. Polygamists advise women to bravely suffer in such relationships, and to endure their pain in silence. This is extremely unhealthy.


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Paige McGee Didn’t Want Another Woman in The Mix

Paige McGee Was Hurt By Her Husband’s Romance With Brandy

paige mcgee from seeking sister wife smiling in pink top

Paige’s attitude towards Brandy was hard to ignore – as often as she could be, she was snarky and rude to the potential sister wife. The Seeking Sister Wife star’s jealousy issues made Brandy so uncomfortable that she decided to end her relationship with the family soon after her second visit. This left Bernie and the children devastated. Later, during the season 2 reunion special, it was revealed that Bernie had kissed (and tried to be intimate with) Brandy. This greatly upset Paige. While the couple didn’t return after this season, controversies continued to follow the family.

At Reddit, princesspineapplepie expressed frustration over Paige’s ongoing jealousy issues, feeling that her issues with Bernie and Brandy were monotonous. The Redditor believed that the show was less entertaining because Paige spent most of her time complaining about the romance. Since the show is centered on attempts to build plural marriages, this seemed like fair criticism. However, what polygamy does to the women involved can be emotionally devastating, and Paige’s feelings are valid. The Reddit user said:

I’m on season 2 now and I’m just tired of McGee storyline, every episode is just Paige repeating herself that she’s jealous and struggling and just can’t do it anymore. Let’s face it – they don’t want a plural marriage and have no idea what they’re doing. Those poor kids, I genuinely feel sorry for them.

Paige & Bernie McGee Got In Trouble With The Law

Paige & Bernie Were Accused Of A Serious Offense

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On March 15, 2019, Bernie and Paige McGee were taken into custody by Mississippi officers on stalking charges. According to People, the couple allegedly tracked Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble, and his girlfriend, leaving harassing calls on Patrick’s home, cell, and work phones. As well, Bernie was accused of confronting Patrick and bothering him in person. While the McGees aren’t the first scandal-prone Seeking Sister Wife stars, many fans were shocked by their arrest and the family feud that was transpiring off-screen.

Bernie McGee Died On June 15, 2019

Paige McGee’s Still Grieving The Loss

Unfortunately, bad news would continue to follow the McGees. Bernie McGee passed away on June 15, 2019. According to his wife Paige, the reality star was out riding his bike when he got heatstroke and had a heart attack. He died at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

Seeking Sister Wife
star was 41 years old when he passed away.

Bernie McGee was born in


Bernie McGee passed away in


As reported by People, Paige held her brother Patrick and her mother responsible for the death of her husband, Bernie. Sometimes, when people lose loved ones, they look for people to blame. In a now-deleted Facebook post, she stated,

“Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators and missing work for this bulls—.”

Paige’s brutal comments weren’t well-received. She may have gone too far. However, she wasn’t the only one weighing in on the tragedy. Brandi spoke to Radar Online about the loss. Brandi said:

“They aren’t doing well… It’s definitely a very hard time.”

Paige McGee Got Real On Facebook

Paige seemed to be veering into villain territory when she took to social media after Bernie’s death, as she threw some serious shade. She explained her actions in the clip above. Paige said that trolls were attacking her three sons online – her children were in Facebook groups where critics gathered and put down Bernie.

Paige has a temper and vents on the Web – this stirs up a lot of drama. She’s been quieter lately, so her candor was definitely illuminating. Paige is telling her side of the story, as the clip above discusses.

Of course, Paige wants to defend her children – that’s just human nature. However, posting online also allows her to honor her late husband. She said that people who watch the show want her to share facts about Bernie and her life. So, in her opinion, she’s pleasing Seeking Sister Wife fans by speaking out online. As per the video above, she said that her Facebook presence is like a:




She added that the harsh comments she sees on social media (there are Facebook chat groups devoted to Seeking Sister Wife) hurt her. Paige isn’t so tough, as seen on the show. She is still vulnerable as she was on the series, when Bernie’s interest in another woman made her so miserable. Since she’s lashed out, she seems aggressive, but her anger may be covering up a lot of pain. Talking about Facebook, Paige said:

I see some really hateful and mean comments

Paige shouldn’t have to hide out because her husband passed away – she has every right to express herself. However, her past decision to assign blame for the death of her husband may have been rash and impulsive behavior. In her defense, she obviously loved Bernie and was probably distraught.

Paige paid the price for making those remarks. Hopefully, she has learned from her mistakes. The Seeking Sister Wife alum will probably always grieve the loss of the man who dated another woman during their marriage. Posting online seems to give her solace. Fans who don’t like it don’t need to look. It’s her online presence and those who want her off Facebook tend to believe that she should grieve quietly. However, the positive engagements she has with others may make her feel less alone.

Since Bernie McGee’s death, fans of Seeking Sister Wife may be less critical of him – perhaps they celebrate his life rather than tearing him down. Since her husband’s passing, Paige has opted to keep her accounts private. However, she occasionally makes her feelings public. Hopefully, Paige has healed after the loss of her husband. Since they brought up children together, the loss must feel quite profound. The Seeking Sister Wife star continues to raise their family.

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