Jennifer Love Hewitt will go to great lengths to, uh, extract some real emotion. 

Before filming her more emotional scenes, “I like to watch pimple popping videos,” the 9-1-1 star admitted to E! News in an exclusive interview, “because it’s really enjoyable A, and B, it doesn’t mess with my headspace. It doesn’t take me out of the drama headspace and into a happier headspace.”

In other words, she doesn’t want images of her and husband Brian Hallisay‘s three kids—Autumn, 10, Atticus, 8, and Aidan, 2—to pop into her mind.

“I find it hard to look at pictures of my kids while I’m doing crying scenes because then I get really happy,” the 45-year-old explained. “So, I tend to watch pimple popping videos.”

But that’s not the only way she prepares. “I listen to a lot of music to kind of get in the mood,” Jennifer noted. “And then I just try to keep it light for myself in between.” 

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