• True Detective
    ‘s anthology format allows for constant change and new creative ideas to keep the series fresh and engaging.
  • Showrunner Issa López hints at a possible link between
    True Detective
    season 5 and
    Night Country
    , but remains tight-lipped on details.
  • Despite the success of
    Night Country
    , fans shouldn’t expect a direct crossover, as the anthology structure allows for the exploration of new stories.


True Detective: Night Country showrunner Issa López discusses the possibility that her recently finished show might share a link with season 5. Premiering in January, Night Country was hailed as a return to form for HBO’s anthology crime drama after lackluster responses to seasons 2 and 3, and followed two female police detectives (played by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis) as they investigated the disappearances of eight men from an Alaskan research station. The successful evolution of the franchise led to HBO granting the series a season 5 renewal.

Speaking in an interview with Deadline, López remained upbeat about the future of the show following confirmation she will return to write True Detective season 5 as part of her deal with HBO. She also revealed that there could be a link between the fifth season and True Detective: Night Country, but refused to confirm anything. Read López’s comment below:

It might, or not, be connected to Ennis. We will see.

Can True Detective Continue To Evolve Post-Night Country?

True Detective’s Format Allows For Constant Change

This doesn’t mean there can’t, or won’t, be clever or subtle nods along the way, but fans of
True Detective: Night Country
should not get too carried away about any potential crossover at this point.

The beauty of True Detective is that, as an anthology show, there are many opportunities for storytelling and exploring different ideas, not to mention more margin for error with regard to how well ideas work out. Night Country took a risk, as it was the first season of True Detective not to feature creator Nic Pizzolato in a writing capacity, but this was perhaps the shake-up it needed. An anthology allows for different creative minds to come and go, and keeps the series fresh and engaging.

After seasons 2 and 3, many felt that True Detective might have run its course as an idea, but the reception to Night Country has renewed interest. The ambiguous True Detective season 4 finale left just enough questions and theories to stoke interest for another season, even if it doesn’t link to what has come before. However, with López at the helm, there is a chance that season 5 might have a nod or two to Night Country, in much the same way as True Detective season 3 had multiple connections to season 1.

At this stage, López is obviously remaining tight-lipped about details, but with news that Jodie Foster will not return for True Detective season 5, it seems clear she is keen to keep to the anthology structure and explore something different in the next installment. This doesn’t mean there can’t, or won’t, be clever or subtle nods along the way, but fans of True Detective: Night Country should not get too carried away about any potential crossover at this point.

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Source: Deadline

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