• Wonder Woman
    #11 features a variant cover that revives Diana’s short-lived, long-sleeved battle armor.
  • Tedesco’s variant cover pays homage to one of Diana’s past outfits, adding his unique artstyle to the look while staying faithful to the original design.
  • Fans can anticipate more iconic Wonder Woman costumes revived by Tedesco in his series of
    Wonder Woman
    variant covers, celebrating Diana’s diverse fashion history.

Wonder Woman has sported a range of costumes throughout her 80-plus years in comics, and there are undoubtedly more redesigns in store for the Amazon Princess. Yet, rather than opting for a completely new look for Diana Prince, one DC artist has chosen to resurrect some of Wonder Woman’s more daring ensembles from the past, including her short-lived, long-sleeved battle armor.

Tedesco’s variant cover for
Wonder Woman
#11 recreates Diana’s long-sleeved costume that debuted in the New 52’s
Wonder Woman

On sale July 17, 2024, Tom King and Tony S. Daniel’s Wonder Woman #11 will serve as a tie-in issue to DC’s blockbuster summer event, Absolute Power, where the Trinity of Evil will be pitted against the DCU’s mightiest heroes in a battle that will decide the fate of all metahumans.

WONDER WOMAN #11 (2024)

Wonder Woman 11 Main Cover: Wonder Woman tied up in glowing ropes with Amazo behind her.

Release Date:

July 17, 2024


Tom King


Tony S. Daniel

Cover Artist:

Daniel Sampere

Variant Covers:

Julian Totino Tedesco, Tony S. Daniel, José Luis García-López, and Jeff Spokes

WALLER’S WAR! Wonder Woman’s quest for the truth is placed on hold as she comes face-to-face with Amanda Waller’s latest toy, a TASK FORCE VII robot ready to take all her powers for good! Do the Justice League Dark have enough tricks up their sleeves to save our Amazon princess? Find out as this tie-in to “Absolute Power” begins!

The Wonder Woman issue will specifically see Diana face off against Amanda Waller’s Task Force VII robot, which has the capability to steal Wonder Woman’s powers permanently. While the stakes are high for this issue, a gorgeous variant cover by Julian Totino Tedesco offers a reprieve from the tension.

Wonder Woman’s Short-Lived, Long-Sleeved Costume From Wonder Woman #41 Returns in Variant Cover

Wonder Woman 11 Open to Order (Tedesco)

Tedesco’s variant cover for Wonder Woman #11 prominently features Diana in a red, blue, and white ensemble adorned with protective gold armor pieces. This costume stands out notably as it diverges sharply from Diana’s usual bustier and skirt combination. Instead, it comprises a full bodysuit with long sleeves and pants, complemented by thigh-high boots, Diana’s signature Bracelets of Submission, and her red-star tiara. To add to the dynamic, Wonder Woman is depicted in the middle of a bounding jump, her lips parting in a battle cry as she wields her iconic Lasso of Truth.

Despite being unmistakably rendered in Tedesco’s stunning art style, this variant cover serves as a homage to one of Wonder Woman’s past outfits, often referred to as the “sleeve” costume. This costume made its debut in Wonder Woman #41 by Meredith Finch, David Finch, Jonathan Glapion, Johnny Desjardins, and Brad Anderson. It marked a bold departure from Wonder Woman’s usual attire and was short-lived, only appearing for a few issues in the New 52 before undergoing an overhaul. Tedesco skillfully recreates this costume, remaining faithful to the original design while infusing it with a softer aesthetic through his coloring.



Wonder Woman’s Dark New ‘Costume’ Is a Gift to DC Cosplayers

Wonder Woman’s latest costume is unlike anything she has ever worn before, and paired with King’s narrative, it is her darkest look yet.

Tedesco Is on a One-Man Mission to Recreate Wonder Woman’s Past Costumes

Wonder Woman #41 cover sleeve costume

Diana’s long-sleeved attire marks just one of many past Wonder Woman costumes that Tedesco has chosen to recreate. In fact, it appears that the artist has embarked on an ongoing variant cover series, meticulously navigating through Diana’s costume evolution and bringing to life her most memorable and daring ensembles. This series includes Tedesco’s reinterpretation of Wonder Woman’s controversial 90s biker look, as well as his revival of Diana’s divisive pants ensemble. It’s undoubtedly an enjoyable journey for fans to witness, and the anticipation builds as fans await Tedesco’s selection for the next Wonder Woman outfit to receive his artistic homage.

Wonder Woman #11 will be released on July 17, 2024, from DC Comics!

Wonder Woman Flexing in Variant Comic Cover by Rahzzah
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the superhero identity of Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Created on the island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is a super-powered demi-goddess with extreme physical strength who utilizes magical gifts (like her famous Lasso of Truth) to defeat her foes. As mighty as her fellow heroes Superman and the Justice League, Wonder Woman is unmatched in her compassion and virtue.

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