Young and the Restless spoilers find Nikki Newman hatching a dangerous plan as she waits for Jordan Howard to walk into her trap on the CBS soap opera.

Nikki Newman Plots against Jordan on Young and the Restless

Recently, on Y&RNikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) convinced her husband, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), to help her trap Jordan Howard (Colleen Zenk). Victor wanted them to go on a vacation together and put Jordan out of their minds.

But Nikki saw that as letting Jordan run her out of town, and she won’t do it. Instead, she plans to throw a big 40th-anniversary party. Of course, she wants to celebrate 40 years of her and Victor on Young and the Restless. But she also wants to use the gala as a way to trap Jordan.

The longer the psycho is on the loose, the worse things are for Nikki. She’s falling off the wagon again and she’s sneaking vodka every chance she gets. So, she needs to bring Jordan to justice so she can focus on getting and staying sober.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)

Nikki Has a Plan on Y&R

Indeed, Nikki is struggling to cope because Jordan is out there somewhere, lurking on Young and the Restless. She and Victor are already planning to lure Jordan out at their anniversary celebration. But, until then, Nikki’s looking over her shoulder constantly.

She’s living in fear that Jordan is going to pop up. So, her plan is to just keep taking sips of vodka until Jordan is caught. Then she can worry about fighting her addiction after she deals with Jordan. She truly believes no one will find out she’s still drinking on Young and the Restless.

However, someone is bound to catch her sooner or later. Also, this is a risky plan because the more she drinks the harder it will be for her to regain her sobriety. And if she keeps going this way, she might end up so deep in her addiction that she needs professional help.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Goes Too Far?

The plan to cope with Jordan’s reign of terror by sneaking booze may backfire on Nikki soon. At some point, someone’s going to see her swigging from her vodka bottle. Most likely, it’ll be someone in her family. Perhaps, at the gala.

And soon, the Newmans may realize that Nikki can’t fight her demons with AA alone. She could very well require in-patient care in rehab to get sober. Or, even worse, she could get so drunk at the party that Jordan gets the upper hand and corners her.

So, this plot to bide her time with booze could blow up in her face and make things worse. Y&R is thrilling. Keep watching to see if Nikki Newman can keep it together until she catches Jordan on the CBS daytime drama.

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